Discover your MyFoyer portal

MyFoyer, direct answers to my questions

  • Access all my policies and documents
  • Change my personal information
  • Consult my account status and my bills
  • Access my virtual vault
  • Make a claim online

MyFoyer, useful services to simplify my life

  • I have a chipped windscreen, water damage…
    I can make a claim and quickly receive compensation in a few clicks
  • I am getting married, having a baby, moving house…
    I can connect to my MyFoyer space to change my details or update my family status
  • I am completing my tax declaration and I need a certificate…
    My tax certificate is available in my MyFoyer space in three clicks
  • I have had to pay doctor's fees…
    I can request reimbursement online, simply, quickly and efficiently

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